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Customer service

Transport Grégoire spares no effort to offer customers the best possible client experience. Since its foundation, the company has offered exceptional customer service adapted to varying client and industry requirements. The company owns a fleet of more than 85 recent trucks and 200 trailers. At Transport Grégoire, the safety of employees, road users and freight, as well as the wellbeing of our drivers, is of paramount importance.

Ever at the cutting edge of technology, the company uses the ISAAC satellite system and BesRoute follow-up software to track activity. Another demonstration of Transport Grégoire’s commitment to our clients and to our employees!


Transport Grégoire uses ISAAC technology for the efficient monitoring of all aspects related to freight transport. This real-time communication solution improves our efficiency in every possible way, allowing us to continuously optimize our operations in order to offer outstanding customer service.

ISAAC provides our drivers with real-time feedback on their performance, allowing them to drive safely and ensure on-time delivery.

ISAAC allows us to remain in constant contact with our drivers responsible for delivering your important goods. At Transport Grégoire, we are ever ready to embrace cutting-edge solutions to better serve our clientele.

Visual of ISAAC program on the computer
ISAAC control inside a truck

BesRoute follow-up software

View of BesRoute log book for a driver Sample driver logbook updates in real-time for each assignment modification in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
View of BesRoute road map This data can also be viewed using road maps from PC*MILER® and Google Maps.