Transport Grégoire company truck

About us

Customer satisfaction is our overriding concern


Transport Grégoire was founded in 1987, in Plessisville. As it integrated into the community, the company served increasing numbers of satisfied customers. In the beginning, the company focused on bulk shipping, lime in particular. Today, the company is no longer involved in bulk shipping and specializes in general cargo and freight transportation, in compliance with the highest industry standards.

Following government deliberations on the issue of transport licenses, Transport Grégoire expanded to other territories. In time, the company became a major carrier in its region, then in Canada, and finally on the American market where it now operates on a daily basis.

In 2005, Transport Grégoire joined the ranks of TFI International. Today, with a fleet of some 85 trucks and excellent customer service, Transport Grégoire continues to make its mark.


The company’s mission is to offer clients customer service beyond compare. Each member of the Transport Grégoire team is committed to this mission that has contributed to the company’s enviable reputation. Customer satisfaction is our overriding concern, from initial contact to compliance with client requirements. The company is renowned for its ability to meet extremely high standards.


At Transport Grégoire, our values are linked directly to our mission. To ensure quality customer service and the protection of individuals and freight, the company is committed to:

  • Meeting its obligations with clients
  • Safeguarding employee wellbeing
  • Ensuring the safety of its operations