Monday, March 30, 2020

AMFS boasts the most experienced, medical-legal savvy experts in the U.S. Member(s) of our expert panel will review your medical records and provide you with an expert opinion on the merits of your case. Simply send us all of the medical records with a cover letter providing a case summary, any relevant background information, a list of specific questions to be addressed.  Please contact us for pricing.

Please note, some cases may be too complex and records too voluminous for this service, please contact us for more information.

For a case to have legal merit, four main principles must be established:
- Breach of duty
- Breach of standard of care
- Proximate cause of damages
- Damages

Upon receipt of your materials, one of our Medical Directors will conduct an initial review of the materials. They will then arrange to have them reviewed by members of our multidisciplinary Physician Advisory Panel, consisting of more than 50 board-certified physicians representing all major medical specialties.

Within ten (10) business days, you will be contacted by the reviewing physician who will provide you with their conclusions as to the merits of your case. This service is ideal for attorneys who are undecided about pursuing a particular case and wish to obtain an informed opinion as to the medical issues presented.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not send original medical records or films to our office as they will not be returned.  For your convenience, medical records and other digital files can be uploaded via our website here.

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