Wednesday, April 1, 2020

When a comprehensive, objective medical evaluation is necessary to define case issues and assist in conflict resolution, AMFS physicians can address your needs with quality, timely and responsive client service.

AMFS physicians are board-certified, active practitioners and have extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of work-related disorders as well as personal injuries. This expertise renders us uniquely qualified to evaluate medical conditions related to occupational exposures, musculoskeletal disorders and any other type of injury. Our physicians understand the importance of a high-quality IME to managing the medical, administrative and legal costs of workers' compensation claims or defending negligence claims.

AMFS' IME services can assist you in:
- Diagnosis and Treatment
- Clarifying Causal Relation
- Defining Current Medical Status
- Evaluating Prognosis
- Assessing Maximal Medical Improvement
- Assessing Work Capacity
- Clarifying "Non-Medical" Issues
- Medical Record Reviews

Our service is distinguished by:
- Expedited Appointments
- Knowledgeable, Board Certified Physicians in active clinical practice
- Reliable, Valid and Objective Documentation
- Clear, Concise and Readable Reports that Address the Issues/
- Timely Reporting
- Providing Local Physicians from our Comprehensive Nationwide Network

AMFS physicians are also available to provide expertise in legal, administrative and legislative proceedings including trial testimony. Medical Expert Witness services include:

- Preliminary evaluations and written reports
- Medical case reviews with written opinions
- Deposition and Trial testimony

Our clear and concise written opinions are founded on a thorough review of the pertinent medical facts, available data and relevant peer-reviewed literature. AMFS physicians can assist with defining current medical status and assessing work capacity.

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