Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Selecting a medical expert(s) is the single most important decision an attorney makes when preparing a case. The impact that a physician who is knowledgeable, prepared, experienced and personable can make on a case cannot be over estimated. 



AMFS boasts the best qualified, well credentialed experts in the U.S.  Physicians focused on the practice of medicine join the AMFS network to participate in the medical-legal process WITHOUT sacrificing their credibility and attention to their practice.  AMFS handles all front and back office activities on behalf of our network of experts allowing them to focus on the practice of medicine and the needs of our clients in a limited number of cases.


Case Management

Once you have selected an expert, our staff works hard to make sure that you remain in control of your expert(s) billing and scheduling. Your expert is required to provide you with time estimates for each task you have assigned and our office reviews these estimates to make sure they are appropriate.  If not, we will modify your expert's estimate on your behalf. Our staff also assists you in handling scheduling issues with your expert so that your case moves forward smoothly and expeditiously. This enables you to avoid procedural conflicts that can sour your working relationship and sabotage your case.



AMFS experts bill on an hourly basis.  Hourly rates vary by specialty and have been previously negotiated with our experts to ensure you receive the best service at competitive rates.  Please call us for specific rates and to discuss your case with a Medical Director at no charge.

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