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ER Expert Witness

Emergency medicine specialists are experts in the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of adults and pediatric patients with acute medical and surgical illnesses and injuries. Emergency medicine experts often provide multi-specialty consultation on issues relating to emergency medicine malpractice and emergency care negligence. 


Our emergency medicine professionals may provide medical literature research and initial case reviews on critical care nursing, urgent care medicine, appendicitis, sepsis, pediatric care, meningitis, torsion, stroke, cardiac problems, and ambulatory medicine. 


They may provide expert witness testimony involving emergency rooms, toxicology, life-threatening medical situations, and paramedics and pre-hospital care during trials, depositions, or arbitrations in medical malpractice, personal injury, and workers’ compensation lawsuits. 


To assist plaintiff and defense attorneys in obtaining unbiased evaluations on patient encounters with emergency departments and urgent care centers, AMFS provides emergency medicine experts who are: 

•licensed in a state, territory, or area constituting legal United States jurisdiction as a doctor of medicine; 

•board certified by a recognized certifying body in emergency medicine; 

•active in clinical practice of emergency medicine; 

•current in experience and ongoing knowledge of emergency medicine. 


For general counsels, litigators, and insurers, our accomplished physicians are skilled public speakers, and leaders in local and national medical societies. They have taught at leading universities on emergency medicine topics and written articles on emergency medicine concerns in often referenced medical and scientific publications. 


Some of our prior clients have considered our experts to be Top Notch and consistently above and beyond service. Our expert witnesses do not provide medical testimony or record reviews that are misleading, false, or without medical foundation. The key to our success is having a network of objective experts located throughout the United States who are screened by our Medical Directors to not exclude any relevant data during assignments, resulting in a view favoring either the plaintiff or defendant prior to thorough evaluation of medical records, facts, and contemporaneous literature. 

To ensure our emergency medicine expert opinions reflect the state of medical knowledge at the time of an incident giving rise to a case, we assign emergency medicine physicians based on their experience and academic integrity in the subject area of a case, not on their positions held in medical specialty societies or other professional offices, unless such roles are material to a witness’ expertise. 


A case on which one of our emergency medicine experts recently consulted involved a 29 year-old male in Kentucky and his family: 

A hospital emergency room (“ER”) admitted the man in the early evening. An emergency medicine physician examined the patient, and noted the symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pains, and anxiety. The doctor prescribed the patient Ativan for anxiety and released him with a high white blood count and rapid heart rate. Several hours after being discharged by the emergency medicine physician, the patient died of a pulmonary embolism. 


Within 10 business days after receiving the case file, our emergency medicine expert found that the ER doctor, in examining and treating the patient, did not fulfill the appropriate standard of care that an ER physician would have under similar or like circumstances. Our emergency medicine expert was of the opinion that the ER doctor was negligent in administering care to the patient. 

According to Wikipedia, the Wells Score (also known as Well's Criteria) may refer to one of two clinical prediction rules in clinical medicine: 

•DVT probability scoring for diagnosing deep vein thrombosis 

•Pulmonary embolism probability scoring for diagnosing pulmonary embolism 


Based on the medical records and under the Well\'s Criteria used to determine if the patient was at risk of a pulmonary embolism, our medical expert concluded the patient was at a moderate risk of a pulmonary embolism and should have been administered an EKG, D-dimer blood test, or a CAT scan of his chest area, before being released from the hospital. 

Our reviewing physician consulted with the attorney client delivering his conclusions as to the merits of a medical malpractice case against the patient’s medical providers, enabling our client to understand the necessary medical terminology and concepts to pursue the case. 

Below, you’ll find a small sample of the education and credentials of just a few of the Emergency Medicine experts in our network. Keep in mind, AMFS can recruit quickly and effectively at no cost to our clients as our Medical Directors are able to undertake peer-to-peer discussions about specific case needs and issues, providing clients with best in class results. 


Expert ID#: E18973 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: Annapolis, MD 

Education & Training: BS, Cornell University, 1996 MD, SUNY Health Science Center Syracuse, 2000 Resident-Emergency Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2003 

Expert ID#: E17367 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: Old Greenwich, CT 

Education & Training: BA, Pace University, 1987 MD, Georgetown University, 1994 Resident-Emergency Medicine, Brown University/ Rhode Island Hospital, 1998 

Expert ID#: E21877 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: Belvidere, IL 

Education & Training: BA, Southern Illinois University, 1982 MD, Rush Medical College-Chicago, Illinois, 1987 Residency Emergency Medicine, Christ Hospital and Medical Center, 1990 MBA, The George Washington University, 2007 

Expert ID#: E01363 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: Miami, FL 

Education & Training: BS, Univ. of Miami, 1974 MD, Univ. of Miami School of Medicine, 1979 Internship, LAC-USC Med. Center, 1980 Residency, LAC-USC Med. Center, 1982 

Expert ID#: E01381 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: Westlake Village, CA 

Education & Training: BA, Penn. State Univ., 1968 MA, Stanford Univ., 1971 MD, Univ. of Oklahoma, 1980 Internship, LAC-USC Med Ctr, 1981 

Expert ID#: E03151 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Education & Training: BA, Brown University, 1970 MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1974 Family Medicine Residency, UCSF, San Francisco General Hospital, 1977 

Expert ID#: E03880 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine 

Location: New York, NY 

Education & Training: BS, Princeton University, 1963 MD, Cornell Medical College, 1968 Intern/Resident-Internal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, 1970 Resident-Internal Medicine Walter Reed Army Med Center, 1976 Fellowship-Endocrinology Walter Reed Army Med Center, 1979 

Call today (or complete the contact form) for a free consultation with one of our Medical Directors to discuss your case needs and learn more about Emergency Medicine Expert Witnesses in our network. 

AMFS maintains the most comprehensive network of pre-qualified medical experts in all specialties. Our in-house Medical Directors are prepared to consult, recommend and arrange for medical analysis and testimony as required for your case. 

Our extensive experience and vast network of physicians enable us to rapidly identify and interview potential medical experts on your behalf and provide you with the C.V.s of those who are best suited to your case.

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